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Medical ethics examines the concepts of medical duty (Deontology), diseases and their complications associated with the actions of medical personnel (iatrogenies). It is the duty of a doctor to keep medical secrets - the requirement for representatives of the medical profession, due to legal norms and ethical motives, not to disclose information regarding the state of health, personal or family life of patients, information that has become known to honey. Cialis workers by virtue of their profession, by virtue of the special trust usually given to the medical profession by patients in the expectation that everything entrusted will not find further publicity.

The Constitution of USA formulates medical secrecy as "information about the fact of seeking medical help, the state of health of a citizen, the diagnosis of his disease and other information obtained during his examination and treatment."

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Ethics is the science of morality, which studies universal human views about good and evil . Deontology, as part of ethics, is the science of medical debt. Ethical aspects of the following issues are discussed: medical science -